™ ANAGANA is a Ukrainian brand of professional hair cosmetics. The company is a part of the BJUTER Group.


Simple composition and efficiency, excellent quality. For the production of each product, the brand uses only the ingredients required for an effective target of the specific consumer market. The composition is not overloaded with imaginary organic, vegetable, "high-tech" substances.


Each chemical substance, solution, ingredients are selected considering qualitative indicators and advanced experience of technologists.

None of the products enters production without a thorough inspection and laboratory tests with a group of testers engaged. Another important aspect is that we do not test our products on animals.


The company's philosophy is that the product cost should not be high but achieved through simple and effective composition.

According to experts, 87% of ™ ANAGANA products are bought by beauty salons, hairdressers and professional shops. Stylists and clients are satisfied with the product effectiveness and come to ™ ANAGANA again and again.


The most expensive high-quality fragrances and extracts are used for production. The bouquet is selected based on the focus group running. You easily fall in love with the ™ ANAGANA fragrance starting from the first use. In addition, the aroma is not only pleasant but also persistent. After using the product, you will definitely enjoy it throughout the day.


The company chooses the best factories to guarantee high-quality product certified according to international standards. The enterprises produce ™ ANAGANA products for both the Ukrainian and the EU markets.


We recommend applying the product repeatedly during one hair wash, to achieve a better effect.